chelsang,; job; customary task; errand; cultural obligation; cultural custom.
chelsang a urreor; mechesang; omengereker, kemeldiil, ocheraol, cheldecheduch.
imiit, v.i.miss; fail to hit; pass by or over; go from one state to another.
imiit a iit, diak el taut; imiit er a delenguchel, ometech e imiit, omurech e imiit, ietel, iit er ngii.
kerreomel, n.r.s.(action of) saving; preservation; conservation; people who prepare food for special occasion.
kerreomel a ulechar el osiik a kelel a dioll er a ketengel; dirrek el osiik a kall er a mur, kerremelel.

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