bail, n.article of clothing; clothes; wrapping material.
bail a mamed me a klalo el omail, bilel a klalo, bilel a billum, ekebil a oubail.
bileln.poss.3sbilel a bail el ngii a ouklalo er ngii.
bail er a clothes.
bail er a clothes.
chelsel a bailexpr.undershirt; T-shirt.
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> Sis is washing her clothes in the ocean.
> Toki has completed her first month of pregnancy.
> This clothes fit Toki well.
> How many months pregnant is she?
> Sam's shirt is red, and my shirt is white.
More Examples:
> He or she is wearing a yellow shirt.
> That kid drools so much that his shirt is always wet.
> Tina's dress is red.
> What color is Tina's dress?
> What kind of clothes are you going to buy?
chelsel, n.poss.3sinside; within.
chelsel a diak el ikr; chelsel a rengul, chelsel a blai.
chelsel a or among the coral.
chelsel a blsibsexpr.inside of the hole.
chelsel a the food.
chelsel a klengarexpr.within (one's) lifetime.
chelsel a skidasexpr.inside of the drawer.
chelsel a the channel.
> They were happy in an hour.
> The travelers stopped being thirsty in a few hours.
> The picture was drawn in five minutes.
> It finished raining in an hour.
> The travelers became thirsty in a few hours.
> Inside child.
A child of the inside is a member of an elite lineage, one who is not bashful before elite persons.
More Examples:
> Pour the coconut milk in the pot.
> Put the breadfruit in the pot.
> I didn't see them in the men's club house.

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