chemachel, n.a.s.ingredients for betel nut chewing (i.e. betel nut, pepper leaf, lime, etc.).
chemachel a kebui me a buuch me a chaus; chemelel.
chemachel, n.titled persons in a village (usually, ten in number).
> That family is well-known to have resources in betel nut.
chemachel era cheldebechel, expr.Btelul a cheldebechel.
melamech, v.t.chew (betel nut); smoke (tobacco).
melamech a meringet a buuch; meloko a dekool, mengemechii, omngamech, omelemechel.
oringet, n.any instrument of crushing (esp., betel nut).
oringet a klekedall el meringet uingel a oringet.

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