mengaet, v.t.wind (rope; wire; fishing line; etc.); cuddle (baby) when sleeping; (hen) sit on/hatch (eggs).
mengaet a chemetii; chemaet a kerreel; chelaet; meliud er ngii; chetel.
/choetii a mengaet er ngii.
choetii a chemetii, mengaet er ngii. a mengaet; chemetii a kerreel, chemaet a chetakl, chetel.
cheatelv.a.s.(rope; wire; fishing line; etc.) is to be wound; (baby) is to be cuddled.
cheatel a kirel el mechaet; chemetii, chemaet a ekil, mengaet, chetel.
chelaetv.r.s.(rope; wire; fishing line; etc.) wound; (baby) cuddled.
chelaet a mla mechaet; iluodel iliud, chemetii, chemaet a ekil.
mechaetv.erg.mechaet a chelaet; chemetii a ekil, mla chemaet a ekil, chetel.
See also:
> The snake has wound itself around the pandanus.

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