mengiuetokl, v.t.wring (clothes); twist (arm).
mengiuetokl a mengiud a selokel; oiuetokl a chimal, oiueteklii, iiueteklel. a mengiuetokl er ngii. a mengiuetokl, mengiud.
cheliuetoklv.r.s.wrung out; twisted.
cheliuetokl a cheliud.
chetituokelv.a.s.redup.complicated; tedious.
chetituokel a diak le mededaes; chetituokel el chetil el mo er a skuul a siokel a rolel. to be wrung out or twisted.
chiutekill a kirel el mechiuetokl; mengiud, chiuteklii, choiuetokl a selokel.
mechiuetoklv.erg.mechiuetokl a cheliuetokl; cheliud, mengiud, choiueteklii a chiklel a malk, choiuetokl, chiuteklel.
mengiuetokl a mengiud.
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