mengesbad, v.t.slap (face).
mengesbad a omar; mengelebed, mengedelekelek; osbedengii a medal; osbad a mederir; chesbedengel. a mengesbad er ngii. a mengesbad; mengelebed.
chachesbadv.recip.slap each other in the face.
chachesbad a didu el mengesbad, chachelebed, chosbedengii a medal; chosbad a medal, kebar, chacheleb a mederir.
chelsbadv.r.s.(face) slapped.
chelsbad a mla obar; chellebed, chosbedengii a chetelaol, chosbad.
chesbedengallv.a.s.(face) is to be slapped.
chesbedengall a kirel el mechesbad; mechelebed, chosbedengii, chosbad, diak le chesbedengall a chad.
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