mengalb, v.t.strip off outer surface of; whittle (wood).
omkobk a budel a keai malechub eng mengchongch. a mengalb er ngii el keai. a mengalb a keai.
chachalbv.recip.chachalb a di du el mengalb; chualb a mengchongch, cholbii a keai.
v.r.s.(outer surface of betel nut fiber) stripped off; (wood) whittled.
chellibel a mla mechalb; cholbii, chualb, chelalb, mengchongch a chellibel; nglai a budel.
v.a.s.(outer surface of betel nut fiber) is to be stripped off; (wood) is to be whittled.
chelibel a kirel el mechalb, cholbii, chualb, mengalb a keai, chelbel a mengchongch.
mechalbv.erg.mechalb a chelalb; cholbii, chualb a keai, melai a budel; chelbel.
See also:
> The turtle shell, I don't know who was polishing it.
> The turtle shell, I was watching the boys who were polishing it.
> Who caught the turtle that you saw the boys who are polishing its shell?
> The thing that the boys are polishing is the turtle shell.

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