mengimer, v.t.pry open (box; etc.); lift/move (heavy object) by putting wedge underneath.
mengimer a melai, omeruud el oba ongimer; chuimer a kboub, chimerii a chesimer; chemerel. a mengimer er ngii el chesimer, omeruud. a mengimer; ometikel. together prying open (boxes, etc.) or lifting or moving (heavy objects); make each other fall (when wrestling) by tripping with the foot.
chachimer a di du el mengimer; chimerii a bad, chuimer a chesimer, meruud a chesimer.
chelimerv.r.s.pried open; lifted or moved (by a wedge).
chelimer a mla mechimer; beltikel, berruud, chimerii, chuimer a chesimer, mengimer.
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