chull, n.rain; rainy season.
chull a ralm el ngar er a eanged e ruebet; chellel.
didiim, n.redup.(continuous) spray or splashing.
klou, v.s.big; large; great; old.
klou a diak le kekerei; babii a klou er a katuu.
medbedibekmedbedibek a mocha kekerei a chull, medbedibek a eanged.
mengard, v.t.nibble; munch; bite.
mengard a mengiok; beab a mla kordii a lius; kmard a diokang, chemutii; klard, kerdel.
metengel, v.i.descend; come/climb down; land.
metengel a mei er eou; metengel er a mlai; oldengelengel er a ked; metengel er a lius; tengelel.
ngmatel, n.a.s.water to be bailed out.
ngmatel a daob el ngar a chelsel a mlai, bilas; ngmetelel.
oleached, v.t.rush (against time, tide, deadline, etc.).
oleached a orreched; oeached el melekoi, oleached er a dolech, oechedii, oechedel.
olimoim, v.t.lower; move (boat) out to deep water; give or bring (food) to meteet.
olimoim a ngar er a bab el mei er a eou; olimoim er a ouak; oimimii, oimoim a klalo; oimimel.
oltengel, v.t.take/bring down (from above).
oltengel a otengel; melai el me er eou; otengelii a banderang, otengelel.
techall, n.opening; space; room; opportunity; clearing in forest.
techall a kedeorech; ungil el belsechel; ungil el temel; techall er a omeruul el ocheraol; techellel el dmu a soal; ungil el techall er a mo er a skuul.
tekerengel, n.poss.3shis/her/its shield; guard.
tekerengel a melenget; tekerengel a kleald; tekaukleald.
tengetengel, n.poss.3sbarrier; anything used to block or hinder.
tengetengel a chullexpr.board, etc. to protect against the rain.
tengetengel a daobexpr.dike.

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