dekimes, v.s.wet.
dekimes a diak lemedirt; ngar er ngii a ralm er ngii, delekimes, ulaol a dekimes; dekmesel.
dedekimesv.s.redup.rather wet.
dedekimes a telkib el dekimes; kedemek; bilek a dedekimes.
dekmekimesv.s.redup.(clothes) wet in places.
dekmekimes a telkib el dekimes; kedemek.
See also:
> You're still a newcomer around here, so watch your behavior.
> All my clothes has gotten totally soaked.
> This shirt of mine has gotten totally soaked.
> The top of the table has gotten wet.
More Examples:
> That kid drools so much that his shirt is always wet.
> My baby is teething and drooling so much that my shirt is now wet from the drool.

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