deleb, n.r.s.ghost; spirit; soul.
deleb a delebengel a mla mad el chad, a le mad a chad e a deleb a tuobed er a bedengel el mo cheroid.
idedelebn.redup.type of ghost.
ouidedelebv.i.act like a ghost.
tuobed a delbengelexpr.scared stiff; scared out of one's wits.
See also:
> A ghost or evil spirit has slapped him (i.e. he's having an epileptic fit).
> Satsko fled when she saw the ghost.
> He was scared stiff or scared out of his wits.
> Slap of the spirit.
Good speakers are not too animated, control their emotions and gestures, and do not salivate while talking. Those who do are compared to the epileptic, who has been "slapped by the spirit."
> Mark of the spirit.
A natal, or birth, mark
> My spirit took leave.
Similar to "Frightened out of my wits."
More Examples:
> There is a ghost at the mangrove channel.
oltobed, v.t.take out.
oltobed a otobed, ngmai er a chelsel el locha er a ikr, otebedii a chad e delengchokl, otebedel. a oltobed er ngii. a oltobed; otobedii a ngelekel er a skuul, otobed a udoud, otebedel.
kaiuetobedv.recip.make each other come out.
kaiuetobed a di du el oltobed; otobed a udoud, otobedii a kall er a chelsang, otebedel a chad er a blai.
motobedv.erg.motobed a ultobed; mo cheroid; otebedii er a cheldebechel; otobed a kall, otebedel.
oltetebetobedv.caus.redup.keep taking out.
/otebadel to be taken out.
otebedall a kirel el motobed el mo er a kirel, otebedii er a delengchokl, otobed, otebedel.
otebadel a kirel el motobed; otebedii a ert, otobed a udoud el belduchel; otebedel a belduchel.
ultobedv.r.s.taken out.
ultobed a mla motobed; mlodik, mlotobed, sechelid a ultobed er a urreor, otebedii, tilobed, otebedel
oltobed a delbengelexpr.scare (someone) out of his wits.
oltobed a tekoiexpr.give an order; give word (to do something).
See also: ,
> Due to the weather conditions and increasing hazardous surf, the National Emergency Office (NEMO) is issuing a Small Craft Warning for the entire Republic of Palau. Water conditions from outside the reef through all exposures are very rough at this time. Travel between Peleliu and Angaur, Kayangel and Ollei and/or outside the reefs are strictly prohibited. Small craft warning flags have been raised and the republic is requested to observe this warning. NEMO will continue to monitor these marine conditions and advise the public accordingly.
More Examples:
> Take out your books.
> Take out your books

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