delach, guts; intestine; bowels.
delach a diil; delechil; ta el delach a chimo el diil; ngeleketedelach, ngelekel a ta el dil.
delechiln.poss.3sdelechil a delach er ngii; delechil a chad, delechil a ngikel, delechil a blaol a ngimes.
kekere el delachexpr.small intestine.
klider a delechilexpr.worry; have butterflies in one's mouth.
klou el delachexpr.large intestine.
mekider a delechilexpr.get sudden feeling of fear, worry or excitement; get butterflies in one's stomach.
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> Oh don't gut those ones, we're just gonna fry them like that.
mengidet, v.t.cut (vine, small tree) with a single stroke.
mengidet a melebes; mengom, kidetii a llel a tuu; kmidet a bisech, kdetel. a mengidet er ngii; melebes er ngii, kidetii a llel a tuu. a mengidet; melebes, kmidet a llel a tuu, melobech, kdetel a llel a tuu.
kidetallv.a.s.kidetall a kirel el mekidet; debokl; medebes.
klidetv.r.s.(vine, small tree) cut with a single stroke. See mengidet.
klidet mla mekidet; delebes, teluk; mla medebes; kidetii a besebes, kmidet a dait, kdetel a dait.
klider a delechil expr.worry; have butterflies in one's stomach.
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