, n.r.s.ridiculing; incest.
delenguul a diak el ongull a klauchad; bechil a chedal, songel a chedal, melbedibech er a bechil a chedal a delenguul, dellenguul.
dellenguul a delenguul, dellengulel.
dellengulel a dellenguul er ngii; delenguul.
delenguul el of related people committing incest.
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melenguul, v.t.ridicule; not take seriously; scoff at (usually, inwardly).
melenguul a di omulak el chemat er a chad, oltuub; dongulii, donguul, dengulel. a melenguul er ngii, dengulel.
delenguulv.r.s.ridiculed; scoffed at. to be ridiculed (usually for incest).
mededenguulv.t.redup.ridicule continually.
mededenguul a telkib el melenguul; dongulii.
sekedenguulv.s.constantly ridiculing.
sekedenguul a bekedenguul; soal el melmert; beketelemtumk; soal el melenguul; dongulii a chad.
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