melauch, v.t.cut (coconut tree) or wound with sharp instrument.
melauch a meliud; melobech; melauch a keam; douchii; dmauch; duchel.
/douchii a melauch, dmauch a delouechel er a chelechedal a lius; dmauch a betok el keam; douchii a miich; duchel.
v.r.s.cut; wounded.
delauch a mla medauch; mla medobech; ochil a deleuechel, melauch, douchii, dmauch, duchel.
deloechel a delauch, douchii, dmauch a keam, melauch, duchel a keam.
delouechel a delauch, melemiakl er a delouechel el lius; deluchelel a lius a ngimekill.
deludauchv.s.redup.cut or wounded in many places.
deludauch a betok el delauch, mla medudauch, betok a deludauch er a bedengel, duchel.
/deuechel to be cut or wounded.
deuechel a kirel el medauch; dmauch a keam, douchii, melauch a miich, duchel.
kedauchv.recip.cut each other.
kedauch a di du el melauch; kedauch a kelir el keam, douchii, dmauch a miich; duchel.
medauchv.erg.medauch a delauch; douchii, dmauch a keam, mla medauch, melauch, duchel.
medudauchv.erg.redup.medudauch a beot el medauch; betok el delauch; bedengel a deludauch, douduchii a kerrekar, duduchel
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