chedam, n.father (used as term of address).
chedam a sechal el oungalek; chedam a okedongel a ngalek el mo er demal.
obekul, n.poss.3sbrother (older; of a man).
obekul a klou er ngii el sechal; chedal
ochad, n.sibling of opposite sex; any relation of opposite sex.
ochad a sechal me a redil el kauchad; ngalektang a ochedal.
ochell, n.child related to particular family through mother.
ochell a ngelekel a redil er a delengchokl, blai me a kebliil. Ngelekel a redil ra blai el sechal ma lechub eng redil.
rubak, n.elder; old man; chief; foreign man; boyfriend; husband.
rubak a chuodel el sechal; telechull a kebekuul a rubak; ngeasek e telechull a dui a rubak.

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