dengerenger, v.s.bad; evil; naughty;mischievous.
dengerenger a delengerenger; oleiit a llach; meruul a mekngit; dengerngerel a beluu.
dedengerengerv.s.redup.rather naughty or mischievous.
dedengerenger a telkib el dengerenger; sebesabel; dedengerenger el buik.
kaudengerengerv.recip.have sexual intercourse with each other.
kaudengerenger a dmak e meruul a delengerenger; te ngar a llaokreng.
mededengerengerv.s.redup.rather naughty/mischievous.
mededengerenger a telkib el dengerenger; mededeomel.
dengerenger el busechexpr.feathers of chicken under wing (whose removal is considered necessary in taming chicken).
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> I had an affair with my brother in laws sister.

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