desomel, n.outrigger; woman of the house.
desomel a klekedall er a mlai er a daob; olengeseu el olechob er a mlai, desemelel.
desemeleln.poss.3sdesemelel a desomel er ngii el mlai.
ongaidesomeln.vine with leaves in shape of the canoe's outrigger.
ongaidesomel a ta er a bedengel a besebes.
beches el desomelexpr.newly married woman; bride.
> A woman supports a man./A woman is a man's mainstay.
> A new outrigger.
A newly married woman, a bride.
> The woman is the outrigger for the male.
An unmarried man has no outrigger; taking a wife is a stabilizing process for a man in the sense that the outrigger stabilizes the canoe. One source, a Palauan woman, has suggested the meaning that a man is as capable as the woman who backs him up.

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