dmolech, v.s.deep.
dmolech a dolech, diak le meched; dmolech a chei, klou a dolech.
dilocheln.very deep area of the ocean (inside the reef in a channel).
dmolech a chein.high tide.
dolechangv.s.inch.becoming deep.
dolechang a mocha dmolech; merema a keriik, dolecha chei, delechel.
bedul er a dmolechexpr.friend or mainstay in times of need.
dmolech a rengulexpr.wise; prudent; careful in planning ahead.
dmolech a uldesuelexpr.wise; prudent; careful in planning ahead.
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> Droteo is our mainstay in times of need.
> Sincere heart.
The technique suggests a quiet rational approach to any problem; the acceptance of circumstances without getting ruffled. The advocate does not defend himself against criticism and will meet anger with sincere concern. It involves "checking the facts," rather than backing down in the face of challenge. The student of this discipline is serene in the face of danger.
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> Can you dive down into this channel and collect something from the sea floor?

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