melik, (object, usually large) to keep it in a certain position; prop up (sleeping person) with pillows; put or set down. a melik er ngii; kmedii, dikir a til, dmik a kall, delik, omechei; dkil a melik; menged, dikir a kall er a tebel, mla dmik a babier me a til er a tebel, dkil.
v.r.s.supported; propped up; placed in a particular location.
delik a mla medik; loia chiull e a smecher a ultuil er ngii, dikir, dmik, smecher a delik er a dik, dkel; delik a kldoel, kled, kall a delik er a tebel, dikir a tet er a ulaol, melik er a til er a ulaol.
delkoel a delik.
/dkiil to be supported or propped up.
dkoel a kirel el medik; dikir, kmedii, klok a dkoel er a tebel.
dkiil a kirel el medik; dikir a smecher, melik er ngii; smecher a dkiil
medikv.erg.medik a delik; dikir a smecher, mla medik er a chiull, dkel el chiull; medik a dmik; dikir a olekang, mla medik er a tebel; kldoel er tebel; dkil.
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> Droteo moved out of or got thrown out of Toki's house.
> Droteo was living away from Toki's house.
oldik, v.t.banish (from village); send away (from one's household).
oldik a odik; odikii; otebedii; odkikel.
/odkikii a oldik er ngii; mengeroid er ngii.
odkikii a oldik er ngii; choridii.
/uldkiketerir away from (someone's house); move out; be thrown out; be exiled (from village).
dmik a modik; remiid el mo diak le kiei, mla dmik er a delengchokl; meriim.
kaiuedikv.recip.throw each other out.
kaiuedik a didu el oldik; mo kesaod, odikii a bechil, odik, rubekel a kaiudeik sorir el mo chacheroid, odikel. ~
modikv.erg.modik a motobed; odikii; uldik er a delengcheklel; mla modik er a beluu; odkikel.
/odkikall to be banished, exiled or sent away.
odikall a kirel el modik; odikii; tuobed er a delengchokl; odik, odkikel.
odkikall a kirel el modik; odikall; odikii; odikel mo cheroid; mengeroid.
uldikv.r.s.banished; exiled; sent away.
uldik a ultobed; mla modik; mla motobed, odikii er a blai; mla dmik; odikel.
> Droteo was living away from Toki's house.
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> Pretty soon they'll disown me.

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