merorem, v.t.sharpen.
merorem a meruul el mo mekedorem; doremii a oles, duorem, merorem a kamang; deremel. a merorem er ngii; rullii el mo kedorm, doremii a oluches. a merorem; remuul el mo mekedorem, duorem a oles, me a kamang, deremel.
delorem a mla medorem; derromel, mla mead el mo kedorem; doremii a oles, merorem a kamang, deremel.
derromel a delorem. to be sharpened.
deromel a kirel el medorm; doremii a oles; duorem a oluches, merorem, deremel.
medoremv.erg.medorem a doremii; duorem a oluches; merorem el oba a ororem; mla medorem a oles, deremel a oles.
merredoremv.redup.nod (head) vigorously in dancing or gesturing.
merredorem a merorem a oles.
merorem a medal expr.signal or gesture with face or head.
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