eanged, n.sky; weather.
eanged a melidiul; mellaongel; bab; engedel.
engedel a medakn.poss.1s
engedel a medamn.poss.2s
engedel a medaln.poss.3s
engedeln.poss.3ssky; weather; eyebrow.
engedel a eanged er ngii, ungil engedel Belau e beches a eltel.
engedel a medemamn.poss.1pe
engedel a medadn.poss.1pi
engedel a medemiun.poss.2p
engedel a mederirn.poss.3p
chelleangedn.location in sky relatively close to earth.
beluu er a eangedexpr.heaven.
engedel a madexpr.eye brow.
rubak er a eangedexpr.god.
See also:
> Can you help God stretch out the sky and make it as hard as polished metal?
> It's cloudy (with a small chance of rain).
> Weather is bad.
> The weather looks as if it might be good tomorrow.
> Weather is good./(Someone) is in good mood.
> The heavens are good.
Generally this phrase applies to "good weather," but a second meaning is good humor or a good mood
More Examples:
> It's cloudy (with the possibility of rain.)
> As the sky turns red I am perplexed about my thoughts for you.
> How is the weather?
> The weather is good.
> The weather here is very bad.
olengesengasech, v.s.redup.(weather) intermittently rainy and clearing; (coconut sap; etc.) continue to boil/ bubble slowly.
olengesengasech a mekekokil el olengasech; eanged a olengesengasech el soal el mo chull.
olengesengasech a engedel a medalexpr.raise the eyebrows (usually, to show agreement).

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