eou, n.area/space below.
eou a diak el bab, eungel a blai a chemrungel, eoulbeluu a diak le kedidai, eungel a lius a mechuu.
eungeln.poss.3seungel a eou er ngii; eungel a kingall; eungel a blai a chemrungel.
er a uche er a cheldecheduchexpr.before the meeting.
eungekexpr.space below or underneath me.
eungel a tebelexpr.space under(neath) the table.
See also:
> The building in Ngerchemai burned down by itself.
> Somebody has burned the building down.
> Building in Ngerchemai burns down.
> Sit down!/Wait!
> The boat passed under the bridge.
More Examples:
> The book is under the table.
> The bamboo bench under the mango tree is shaded and breezy.
> Put the book under the table

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