iebed, n.lasso; snare; contemporary fishing net (left in shallow water when tide goes out).
iebed a besebes el chaibibeob el melebed; iebed a melebed a malk.
ebedeln.poss.3sebedel a iebed er ngii; iebed er a malk.
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> Like the clouds of Mengellakl that just pile up
High points like Mengellakl in Palau sometimes create clouds as the moisture-laden air is lifted by the wind to higher cooler altitudes. This saying applies to a situation or a fad that spreads; drinking to excess.
> Close to the turmeric plant.
Tubers more than once removed from the original turmeric root are referred to as ebedel ("beside" or "close to"). The reference is to ego's sister's children. More distant offspring of a single maternal line may be simply termed "kesol." A more detailed discussion of these "turmeric-kinship terms is provided by the Force article, as follows: "A man calls his sister's children by the same term which is used to designate the proximal tuber, ebedel a kesol (literally, 'close to the turmeric plant'), whereas a sister's female child's children are called by the name for the next nearest tuber, pkul a kesol (literally, 'projection of the turmeric plant'). Offspring of the next descending generation in the maternal line are called kedkengel a kesol. The term kedkengel means 'a new shoot' and is customarily used to designate a new shoot of taro."

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