melild, v.t.peel or remove skin of (fruit, tapioca, taro, etc.).
melild a melai a budel; omkobk; imild a diokang; ildii a meradel; ildel. a melild er ngii. a melild; melai a budel, imild a diokang.
ildallv.a.s.(fruit, tapioca, taro, etc.) is to be peeled.
ildall a kirel meild; kirel mengai a budel; ildii a brak, imild a diokang, ildel a kukau.
ilildv.r.s.(fruit, tapioca, taro, etc.) peeled.
ilild a nglai a budel; mla meild, ildii a diokang, imild a diokang, ildel.
meildv.erg.meild a ilild; kirel el mengai a budel; ildii, imild, diokang a kirel el meild, ildall, ildel.
ilild el bobaiexpr.(person) with pale skin.
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