omat, v.t.put (pot, food in pot) on fire; put; place; pound (something) into ground; (boat) jump up and down in waves.
omat a mo kmedii; metir a olekang er a ingukl, omat er a btil a di dengchokl e chetil el merael; otil. a omat; mla mat a ngeliokl; mat a olekang er a ingukl; metir, otil a ngeliokl.
v.erg.moat a ulat; metir; mat a klengoes; otil er a ingukl; moat er a chutem el mesiuch a sengchel.
ometuatv.s.bouncing up and down (as in a car on a bumpy road, or a boat in rough seas).
ometuat a betok el omat el mo er a bab e mei er eou; mekngit a rael me a mlai a ometuat.
omtoatv.t.redup.make (boat) jump up and down in water.
omtoatv.i.redup.(boat) keep bouncing up and down in waves; (person) bounce up and down in waves; (person) bounce up and down (when in car, on horse, etc.).
ulatv.r.s.put over fire; put; placed; pounded into ground.
ulat a loiang; olekang a ulat er a ingukl; ulat a btil a ungil el dengchokl; otil a olekang. to be put over fire; is to be put or placed; is to be pounded into ground.
utiil a ngklel a irimd. utiil a klalo el kirel el mouat; omat a irimd; melai a mekoll er a budel.
omat a irimdexpr.collect sea cucumber.
omat er a btilexpr.sit down.
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> Put the pot on the kerosene stove.
> The boat is hitting the waves hard making my hips sore.

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