mengelebed, v.t.hit; strike; bat.
mengelebed a cholebed; oldechelakl; cholebedii a chetelaol, chelebedel. to hit. a mengelebed er ngii. a mengelebed. to be hit or struck.
chelebodel a oleker a chelebed; kirel el mechelebed; cholebedii, cholebed, diak le chelbodel a chad; chelebedel.
chellebedv.r.s.hit; struck
chellebed a cheliuert, mla mechiuert.
v.recip.hit each other; fight.
kachelebed a chachiuert; chachelebed; didu el mengelebed, chad me a chelebedel me a tang me a chelebedel; cholebedii; cholebed.
chachelebed a di du el mengelebed, cholebedii a ngelekel, cholebed a reng, chelebedel; kakoad el chachelebed.
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> Droteo's pitches (in baseball) are very easy to hit.
> Why are you always hitting the children?
More Examples:
> Oh shucks, I just was beaten since I was caught.
> I used to get spanked with a ruler or yard stick when I was in school.

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