omes, v.t.see; look at; watch; get a glimpse of; meet; get together with; look at (oneself) (in mirror, etc.); examine or judge (oneself); watch out for (one's behavior); check on; look after.
omes a ues, mes, mesang, omes a klekool, meiko a diak el omes, osengel. a omes; ues er a mad; ka mesang; kemesang ng diak? a omes; ng mla mes a betok el beluu; ues er a beluu, osengel a smecher.
/meseterir a omes er tir; ues er ngii; milsterir el chemiis el mong.
bisaolv.a.s.bisaol a kirel el moues, osongel; ngloik a bisaol, osengel a ngloik,. omes er ngii.
v.recip.see/meet each other; see (each other's shadows; etc.).
kasoues a didu el omes; kaiuedingel; kaingeseu, klasoues er a bek el sils; kasoues a oturek a mederir er a ta me a tang; kasoues el kirel a ko er a ngodech el dilubech.
mesengeiv.inch.has (just) seen.
mesengei a mla mesang; ako el mesengei er a medak.
v.erg.get seen; appear.
moues a ules; mes; mesang, smecher a mla moues er a toktang, osengel; moues a ules; ius a mla moues er a taoch; miles er a medal; milsang.
omesoesv.redup.keep looking at or visiting. to be seen or looked at.
osongel a kirel el moes; mes a ngloik, omes a ruk, smecher a mo er a osongel; osengel.
ulesv.r.s.seen; looked at.
ules a mla moues; mechuiu; babier er a chutem a ules; omes, osengel.
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> I will hand them over to their enemies, who want to kill them.
> We could see each other's shadows.
> He will see the/some babies.
> He will see a particular baby/some baby/the baby.
> I can see the child because he behaved well last time.
> Like a pigeon-seeing the danger, yet it flies from cover
The pigeon sits quietly concealed until some threat appears, then it flies out, revealing itself. The idiom applies to a person who unnecessarily exposes himself to danger, leaves the house in the rain, or takes a boat out in a storm.
More Examples:
> The famous war canoe of Belias is a show case item for its speed and performance.
> Go see the hen that has laid her eggs and bring a couple so we can cook them.
> I only wish that we will see each other in the future.
> The dance is really something good to be seen.
> What is good to see at the movie theaters?

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