, n.mangrove swamp.
keburs a okebong; oreomel er a delongelel a chutem me a daob. A keburs se el ngar er ngii a kebokeb me a demetaoch me a taoch me a lalou e ngelengelotel a dorael er ngii e ngar er ngii a bek el bedengel a kerrekar e diak el sebechel el dubech er aike el diak a daob er ngii.
okeburs a oreomel er a delongelel a klechutem me a uet; okebong.
> Like the core of the mangrove log.
The core of the mangrove tree (keburs) has the interesting quality of being quite soft and workable when green, but very hard and durable when dried. Hence, a person of old age, especially a high-titled elder; one who has reached great age. Wider applications include a long-standing tradition; a long-term employee.

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