ked, n.field; open; grassy (unforested) area.
ked a chutem el diak a kerrekar er ngii, kedengel. A ked a dirrek e mekididai e ng di diak a meklou el kerrekar er ngii. Ng di chudel me a chitouch me a mekekerei el kerrekar a ngar er ngii. Se er a irechar e ng dimlak a omeluk el chutem me ng dimlak a omelalem el smengt. A chad a sebechel el ouchutem el mo tmurk er a ked, e se el ked a mocha oliochel er ngii me a ta er a chad.
kedengeln.poss.3skedengel a ked er ngii; kedengel a Oreor.
> Child of the woods. Child of the bush.
A child born out of wedlock.
More Examples:
> Did you hunting in the hills this morning?
> We went to pick the betelnuts on the hills but when we got there, someone already picked them.

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