ked, n.person who directs the dancers, workers, warriors, etc. Especially when the direction includes some sort of chanting.
ked a oked; merreder, mesmechokl, kedul a ngloik, oked a urreor.
keduln.poss.3skedul a ked er ngii; oked er a ngloik, meduch a kedul a urreor, kmed a urreor.
> Child of the woods. Child of the bush.
A child born out of wedlock.
More Examples:
> Did you hunting in the hills this morning?
> We went to pick the betelnuts on the hills but when we got there, someone already picked them.
melul, v.t.broil; roast; get (oneself) sunburned; bake (bread, etc.).
melul a omekmarek er a bas; durur a ngikel; dmul a chemang, delul. a melul er ngii, durur a ngikel er a ngau; omekmark er a kall er a ngau. a melul; mla dmul a ngikel; durur a malk. to be broiled or roasted.
delaol a kirel el medul; durur a mesekuuk, dmul a meas, ngikel a delaol.
delulv.r.s.broiled; roasted; sunburned.
delul a mla medul er a ngau.
kedulv.recip.burn each other.
medulv.erg.medul a delul; dmul a ngikel; delul er a ngau, delul a chimal er a mekeald.
medul er a silsv.s.sunburnt.
delul er a silsexpr.sunburned.
medul a rengulexpr.disgusted with.
melul a chadexpr.cremate.
melul a chausexpr.make lime (from corals).
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> The meat is to be roasted and eaten with bitter herbs and with bread made without yeast.
> They will be like trees whose branches are burned by fire, whose blossoms are blown away by the wind.
> Moses asked about the goat for the sin offering and learned that it had already been burned.
> He played with matches and burned himself.
> it had become burned was visibly roasted.
> You're like a beetle that burns itself by flying into the fire.
You're always getting yourself into trouble.
> Even though we fix our own betel-nut, we get burned.
Chemachel is a "betelnut package" consisting of the seeded nut, the pepper leaf (kebui), and the lime (chaus). By applying too much lime to a "package" it is possible to burn one's mouth. Although this is sometimes done among young people to signal another secretly of sexual attraction, typically it happens accidentally. The idiom implies that everyone makes mistakes; it can't be helped. No matter how careful we are, we sometimes fail; we shouldn't be too sure or overconfident in ourselves.
> You're like a stinkbug that burns itself in the fire.
i.e., you get involved in things that may hurt you.
More Examples:
> I would like to eat grilled ume and taro.
> Damn! My mouth got burned by the lime powder.
> He or she played with matches and burned himself or herself.
> I feel like eating burnt grated casava.

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