kuk, n.(finger, toe) nail.
kuk a kekul a chim me a ouach; menguld el olab a kekul.
kekuln.poss.3s(finger, toe) nail.
kekul a kuk er ngii, a kekul a ekebil a bekerekard.
kekul a chimn.fingernail.
kekul a iusexpr.hanging club moss.
kekul a katuuexpr.cat's claw.
kekul a oachexpr.toenail.
See also:
> It is better to be patient than powerful.
> They would weigh more than the sands of the sea, so my wild words should not surprise you.
> Can you help God stretch out the sky and make it as hard as polished metal?
> Go to Droteo instead.
> Patience is better than pride.
> When the purple swamp hen appears, it brings remembrance
There is a song (Oumachas) from which this saying derives: Once there was a young couple who made love in a secluded spot in the taro garden. While they were lying together a purple swamp hen darted out of the brush startling the couple. Eventually love cooled, but thereafter whenever the girl saw a purple swamp hen while she worked in the gardens, she recalled her lover. Hence any occurrence that brings back fond memories.
More Examples:
> It's getting dark and the sun is setting.
> Ulang is so fiesty, she's back at it arguing again.
> As the election nears, they'll be singing coated lies for the people to digest.
> Wow, Ngerkumer is really angry.
> Can you be quiet for a sec so that I can talk or not?

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