kereker, n.small, deep spot within shallow area inside reef. area of ocean good for fishing at low tide; shallow area inside reef.
kereker a chei el mo meched er a chedil a chei. A kereker se el delongelel a uet me a dailechei el se el bo el meched a chei e ng mo meched el mo diak a daob er ngii.
> Words of the lagoon
Fish in the lagoon may be driven into a small circular trap (osel) by a huge surrounding device made of coconut fronds. During this kind of fishing the excited participants, usually men, may hurl the worst kind of insults at one another when a mistake permits some fish to escape. Insults, or bad language generally, in this context were excused even though the victim was a superior. Rough talk among men engaged in any strenuous work may be excused as "words of the lagoon".
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> The tide is very low so it's a good time to collect clams.

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