mengeroker, v.t.remove (food) from pot completely.
mengeroker a ngmai el rokui; koroker a uchul a lius; korekerii a bdelul; koroker a olekang el mo bechachau; kerekerel a odoim. a mengeroker er ngii; nguu er a ollemelel, nguu el rokir. a mengeroker; ngmai er a uchul, ngmai er a ollemelel; mla koroker a emull er a rael; kerekerel a odoim er a olekang.
v.s.finished for good; absolutely over with.
keroker a korekerii; nguu er a ollomel; ullebongel, di kot e keroker er a kelebus; ng diak lluut.
kerrokerv.r.s.(food) removed from pot completely.
kerroker a mla mekeroker; mla mengai el rokui; bachachau, korekerii a olekang, koroker, kerekerel.
> This is the first and last time (I do this, etc.).
> It's like the birth of a rat with one offspring per mother.
It's something that happens just once, something I put up with only once. According to this saying, the rat bears but one litter. Hence the application "once is enough" about an act that bears no repeating.

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