mengikiid, v.t.absolve or purify (oneself) of; empty something from container, etc.; empty out or consume content of.
mengikiid a omechachau; kikidii a chidib me ng di kea udoud; koikiid a olekang; kikidel. mengikiid a omekbeches; melam e melai a besbas er a beluu; kikidii a rael el mo beches; kmikiid a blai, kikidel. mengikiid a omekbeches er a rengul; klikiid er a klengit; kikidel. a mengikiid er ngii; mo mekikiid. a mengikiid; mo beches. to be absolved, purified or emptied.
kikidall a kirel el mekikiid; mo klikiid, mo beches, kikidii a beluu, kmikiid a blai, kikidel.
klikiidv.r.s.absolved or purified of; emptied.
klikiid a beches; mekikiid, diak el chelsechusem er a mekngit el omeruul; deledaes, klikiid er a ultelechakl, kikidii, kmikiid, kikidel.
klikiiderrengn.lack of concern or involvement.
klikiid a rengulexpr.uninvolved.
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