klalo, n.thing; product; something; anything.
klalo a rokui el usbechall, bail a klalo, tet a klalo, chutem, mesei, blai aklalo; ouklalo.
klokleln.poss.3skloklel a klalo er ngii.
klolekleln.redup.poss.3smostly synonymous with kloklel except might signify that the object contains value especially of a sentimental nature.
diak el klaloexpr.useless thing; coward.
klalo er a Siabalexpr.Japanese product.
kloklek er a demakexpr.things handed down for me by my father.
kloklel a bedengelexpr.one's personal property.
> I have assigned as the possession of your tribes the land of the nations that are still left, as well as of all the nations that I have already conquered.
> They have plenty of money and possessions.
> He went to the store to buy something.
> I put my things somewhere or into something or other, but I can't remember where.
More Examples:
> It's the object used when a man and a woman go to bed together whose purpose is to prevent pregnancy and to prevent the transmission of disease between them.
> Things items in this store are old.
> Put your things on the bench and rest yourself.

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