dauch, n.step; cut part; stage (in life).
dauch a blechobech, beldukl; deludauch, Ibedul a ngar er a kot el dauch, Ngiraikelau a ongeru el dauch
kllolem, num.6 [six] (animal; nonliving thing).
kllolem a ochur el elolem (6); kllolem el lius; kllolem el blai, kllolem el bduu.
kllolem el liusexpr.six coconuts.
More Examples:
> There are 6 tables and 8 chairs.
, n.
coconut tree.
lius meklou el kerrekar el ourodech; lius a kall e ilumel a rdechel. A lius a dellomel; ng mo metongakl el dellomel; ng ta er a kmal el klou a belkul el dellomel; ng sebechel el kall a redechel e dirrek el ilumel. A chelechedal me a llel a dirrek el sebechel el klalo.
llel, n.poss.3sleaf.
llel a llel a kerrekar; lius a ngar er ngii a llel; llel a babier, llel a tuu.
meliich, v.t.remove meat from coconut (with knife); make copra.
meliich a eklii a tech er a ulekngall; liechii a lius, lmiich a mengur; liechel
, v.s.blue; green; black and blue; bruised.
mellemau a bedengel a toachel; a blai a melelemau, oumellemau.
oliich, n.spoon.
oliich a klekedall el mengisb; meliich, oliich er a lius; olichel er a kall.
omuu, v.t.break, smash, shatter or burst (round object); explode (bomb); (waves) crash.
omuu a meliud; omeu, mungii a lius, bungel.
telkib, v.s.a little; a bit; part of piece of.
telkib a diak le klou; kekerei; telkib el kall.
uasech, n.aged juice or gravy (from food). Other fluids. Broth.
uasech a osechel a kall; uasech er a ngikel, osechel a odoim, osechel a klengoes el babii; urrekerk el uasech.

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