meliich, v.t.remove meat from coconut (with knife); make copra.
meliich a eklii a tech er a ulekngall; liechii a lius, lmiich a mengur; liechel
/liechii a meliich er ngii; nguu er a ulekngall. a meliich el oba oles el ometikel a techel, lmiiich a lius.
keliichv.recip.make copra together or at the same time.
keliich a didu el meliich; liechii a lius, lmiich, lichel a lius.
/lichall to have meat removed fromit.
liochel a kirel el meliich; mengai a techel er a ulekngall; lius a liochel, liechii, lmiich, lichel.
lliichv.r.s.(coconut) has meat removed from it.
lliich a mla meliich; nglai er a ulekngall, lius a lliich, liechii, lmiich.
lliich el liusexpr.cut strips of coconut meat.
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