meloched, v.t.break (string, cord, wire, etc.) by pulling.
meloched a medebes; dobesii, lochedii a kereel; lmoched a uak, lloched, lechedel. a meloched er ngii. melebes. a meloched; duebes, lechedel a kerreel.
v.a.s.(string; cord; wire; etc.) is to be broken.
lechidel a lechedall.
lechedall a kirel el meloched; dobesii, lochedii, lmoched, tengetengel a rael a lechedall.
v.r.s.(string, cord, wire, etc. or relationship between villages) broken.
lloched a llechidel. Telemall el deleuill era beluu ma beluu.
llechidel a mla meloched; lloched, delebes, lochedii, lmoched a deleongel er a beluu.
meloched a daobexpr.strong current develops.
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