lmangel, v.i.cry; (cat; dog) whine; howl.
lmangel a langel, mekngit a rengul a lmangel, longelang, longelii, lengelel a ngalek.
v.s.cry a lot; prone to crying.
bekelilangel a di beot e ng lmangel; lengelel.
longelangv.i.inch.is starting to cry.
longelang a mocha lmangel; rengalek a longelang.
longelungv.i.pred.is about to cry.
longelung a mochu lmangel.
medidelangelv.i.redup.cry lightly.
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> The child is crying for his father.
More Examples:
> Ugh, you whine so much.

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