omalech, v.t.hit with a slingshot; catch (fish) with a spear gun; snap string of kitalong against piece of lumber for purpose of marking line.
omalech a malech a ngikel; melechii a charem el oba balech; belechel. a omalech er ngii; mla melechii a kemedukl, belechel. a omalech el olab a balech; melechii; malech a belochel, ngikel, belechel.
/belechall to be shot with a slingshot.
belochel a kirel el obalech; belechall, melechii, omalech, malech, belechel.
belechall a kirel el obalech, melechii, malech a ngikel.
blalechv.r.s.hit with a slingshot.
blalech a mla obalech; melechii, omalech, a ngikel blalech; belechel.
kebalechv.recip.shoot at each other with slingshots.
kebalech a didu el omalech; kebalech a ngikel, melechii, malech a kiuid; belechel a ngikel.
obalechv.erg.obalech a charm el blalech; balech a mla melechii a ngikel; ngikel a mla obalech.
omalechv.t.omalech a omeklemalt; omechas a kerrekar el ousbech er a balech.
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> Where's your slingshot wound?
> There's a restriction on (killing) pigeons.
> Blackbirds are easy to shoot with a slingshot.
> Like a pigeon-seeing the danger, yet it flies from cover
The pigeon sits quietly concealed until some threat appears, then it flies out, revealing itself. The idiom applies to a person who unnecessarily exposes himself to danger, leaves the house in the rain, or takes a boat out in a storm.
More Examples:
> We went spear gun fishing last night.
> I'm going to hunt for pigeons.
> Unruly kids that have twisted the pigeon's neck so it died.

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