omdasu, v.t.think about; take into consideration; believe/think (that); wonder (if).
omdasu a melebedebek; melatk, omdasu e meruul, mdesuii, udesuel a mo er a chei. a omdasu er ngii; ngar er a bdelul. a omdasu; dobedebek, mdasu a ungil el omeruul, mdesuii, udesuel.
mudasuv.erg.mudasu a uldasu; osiik a ungil el rolel; mdesuii, mdasu a terebengel amekngit el kar, udesuel.
omdedasuv.t.redup.sort of thinking about.
omdedasu a telkib e mekudem el omdasu.
omdesuangv.t.inch.begin to think. to be thought about or taken into consideration.
udesuall a kirel el mudasu; mesiik a rolel el mo ungil; mdesuii a smecher; mdasu, smecher a udesuall a ukeruul er ngii.
uldasuv.r.s.thought about; taken into consideration.
uldasu a omdasu, omelebedebek; urrereel a rael a ngar a uldasu; udesuel a beches el skuul.
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> I am going to read you a list of statements and you tell if you agree, disagree, neutral or don't know.
> I wonder whether or not Toki should go to Guam.
> I think Droteo's coming to the party.
More Examples:
> No matter where we go, we never stop thinking of our families.
> I think I will put together a bamboo raft this weekend.
> I think people in Airai should make toll booths at the airport and collect fees.
> Wonder what they are thinking.

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