meched, v.s.shallow; (tide) low.
meched a diak el dolech; chedil a chei, meched el mesei.
chedched a ched el reng, meched a rengul, soal melim a ralm.
mechedv.s.meched a chedelreng, meched a renguk, soak el melim.
mechedeiv.s.inch.(tide) is getting low.
mechedei a mla mo meched.
meched a cheiexpr.tide is low.
meched a rengulexpr.thirsty; impatient; prone to overreact; (deprived and) having strong desire for.
See also:
> The travelers stopped being thirsty in a few hours.
> They were very hungry and thirsty.
> The river was shallow in a few weeks.
> The travelers became thirsty in a few hours.
> The travelers stopped being thirsty in a few hours.
> Don't give up because things will improve.
Literally, shallow water is approaching.
> Be strong, shallows are close
Crossing the lagoon, a canoe is poled in shallow water, paddled in deep. The phrase refers to canoeists tiring after a long paddle over deep water. Applied when someone is about to give up, though better times are ahead.
More Examples:
> Are you thirsty?
> On the way to the rock island, we ran over the shallows. Good thing the propeller stayed intact.
> I'm thirsty.

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