mengerdoched, v.t.fry.
mengerdoched a omekmarek a kall er a cheluch; chordechedii; chordoched a malk; cherdechedel. a mengerdoched er ngii. a mengerdoched. to be fried.
cherdechedall a kirel el mecherdoched; chordechedii, chordoched a ngikel, cherdechedel.
cherredochedv.r.s.cherredoched a kall el mukmark er a cheluch; chordoched a ngikel, cherdechedel.
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More Examples:
> Those emperor fish should be fried and be sold at the market.
> We use frying pans to fry food.
> Oh don't gut those ones, we're just gonna fry them like that.

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