mengert, v.t.defecate on; defecate or expel (particular object).
mengert a chemei; bilis a mengert a rael, mekesokes, chortii, chemert, chertel. a mengert; chemei er ngii. a ngar ngii a dechil, deel a chemert.
v.r.s.defecated on.
chelert a mla mechert; chortii, ngar er ngii a dach er ngii; chertel.
cherrotel a mla mechert; chelert; chortii, chemei, cherrotel a rael.
/chertall to be defecated on.
chertiiinterj.Oh! Somebody farted.
kechertv.recip.defecate on each other; throw excrement at each other.
kechert a didu el mengert; chemei chortii, chemert, chertel.
mechertv.erg.mechert a chelert; chortii, ngar er ngii a dach, chertel.
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