melangch, v.t.set (something) aside (out of group); claim ownership of something; try to recognize or distinguish; find out (answer); identify; guess; build up mound around (plant).
melangch a melecha chutem er a uchul a dellomel; dongchii a kebui, dmangch a sebulias; dengchel.
dongchii a melangch er ngii; dongchii e mo medengelii; ke dongchii ng diak? dongchii a melangch er ngii el delemellel el kebui. dongchii a melangch er ngii el kirel ngii, delengchelel. a melangch; mla dmangch a rokui el chaibebelau, dongchii a chad, dengchel; dmangch a kebui; locha chutem er a uchul a dellomel.
delangchv.r.s.set aside; recognized; mounded.
delangch mla medangch er a chutem; beluut er a chutem; rullii el mo mengerengird, dongchii a tuu; dmangch, dengchel. to be set aside, recognized, distinguished or to be mounded.
dengechel a kirel el medangch; omuut a chutem er a uchul a iedel; dongchii a tuu er a chutem.
dongchiangv.t.inch.begin to recognize or identify.
medangchv.erg.medangch a delangch; locha chutem er dellomel; dongchii, dmangch a kebui; mla medangch er a chutem, dengchel; medangch a delangch; mes e mo medengei; dongchii a chad, dmangch a chaibebelau, mla medangch.
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> Judah recognized them.
More Examples:
> The baby had a serious recognition comparison by the ladies of the house.

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