medidai, v.s.loose; loose-fitting; partly filled; uncrowded; (speech, etc.) natural/effortless.
medidai a diak le meseked; kesai a rengalek me a skuul a medidai.
melidai, v.t.go with or accompany (someone) in vehicle; take a ride with; braid (hair, string, etc.).
melidai a meruul a delidai; doidai a chiul, doidiur a besebes, didiul.
/doideur a melidai er ngii, mla doideur a bdelul. a melidai; mla doidai a cheul ngii me a sechelil; delidai, didiul.
delidaiv.r.s.accompanied; braided.
delidai a mla medidai; melidai a odak a edei el kakeakl e doidai el mo tang, chui a delidai.
/didiuul to be accompanied or braided.
didiuul a kirel el medidai; doideur, doidai a chiul a ekebil, delidai, didiul.
See also:
> Wait! Give me a lift!
More Examples:
> Could I catch a ride with you to the city?

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