medinges, v.s.full (with food); satisfied; possessing plenty of.
medinges a dinges; diak el sengerenger; uleka el medinges; dngesel.
v.s.redup.rather full.
mededngedinges telkib el medinges; dngesel. getting full.
medngesang a mla mo medinges.
medinges er a tekoiexpr.fed up with the matter or affair.
See also:
> They eat until they are full.
> I'm full.
> I'm very full, so I feel as if I'll be sick.
> They have plenty of money and possessions.
> The heron that rises early is filled.
One who rises early (and works hard) gains wealth. The early bird catches the worm.
More Examples:
> I'm full

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