meduis, v.s.good at climbing; not afraid of heights.
meduis a diak le mechelaol; bekeu el melemiakl; meduis el melemiakl; diak el dadeb.
meduis er a bekallexpr.good at maneuvering around in moving canoe.
meduis er a mlaiexpr.good at maneuvering around in moving canoe.
meluis, v.t.remove (usually, something dirty) with foot, stick, etc.; extract (meat of trochus or shellfish); remove (sliver, thorn, etc.) from body.
meluis a duiseii; oba oliuis, dmuis a techel a semum; otobed; diesel. a meluis er ngii el oba oluis; duiesii a semum; meluis a besbas el oba kerrekar. a meluis; oba oluis el oltobed, mla dmuis a techel a semum, duiesii, disel.
deluisv.r.s.removed; extracted.
deluis a mla meduis; mla motobed; duiesii, dmuis a semum, meluis a delsangel. to be removed or extracted.
diesall a kirel el meduis; dmuis a delsangel, duiesii, otobed er a chelsel; meluis a semum, diesel a semum.
okoduisn.magic designed to have person die or meet misfortune away from home.
okoduis a oduis; a olai el omekoad er a chad.
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