kedeb, v.s.short (esp. compared with someon/something else).
kedeb a kekedeb; diak le kekemanget, diak le metongakl; kedeb el oluches. getting short.
kedebengang a mla mo kedeb, kekedeb.
kekedeb a kedeb.
/mekekedeb (with plural object).
mekedeb a mekekedeb; diak el mekemanget; mekedeb el lius, kldebengel.
mekekedeb a mekedeb; teliutech a kekedeb er a telmedeu.
kedeb a rengulexpr.short tempered; impatient.
kedeb el tekoiexpr.abbreviation.
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> Droteo is tall, but Toki is short.
> My younger sister is short.
> Short of arm.
A man with a "short arm" is miserly.
More Examples:
> He or she has short and curly hair.

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