mekemad, n.war.
mekemad a klakoad er a delongelel a beluu me a beluu.
mekemediln.poss.3smekemedil a mekemad er ngii.
kaumekemadv.recip.fight or make war against each other.
kaumekemad a didu el oumekemad; kakoad, Merikel me a Siabal a mle kaumekemad, mekemedil.
mekemedeiv.i.inch.war is starting to break out.
benged el mekemadexpr.full-scale war between villages.
chad er a mekemadexpr.warrior.
er se er a mekemadexpr.during the war.
er se er a taem er a mekemadexpr.during the war.
merechorech el mekemadexpr.small war or incident in which group of warriors sneaks into rival village; decapitates someone and returns home with head.
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> War breaks out.
> Like the raid at Ulong, doing it in the evening
Pertains to a battle between the people of the once-inhabited islands of Ulong and Ngemelis in which the leader of the Ngemelis forces successfully defeated those of Ulong by attacking in the evening with the setting sun directly at his back, blinding the Ulong forces. Application is to a meeting or task, which might better have been started earlier, postponed until evening
> Though an ally, yet hostile?
A fellow clan member, or an employee, who should be loyal, but is not
More Examples:
> Control yourself, it isn't war!
> Soldiers are ready for any war.

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